Travelling invites us to open our minds, reduce our baggage, and enjoy new encounters and insights.

The experience is like the journey of Yunel.

Yunel inspires people to move from success to significance and lead a life of purpose and impact.

What we do

Yunel offers a novel approach to biography for people aged 35+. Together we craft their life story. Applying the science of happiness, we put our client’s past on paper and develop an inspiring vision for the years to come.

We help our clients to treasure significant life experiences, embrace the art and science of happiness, and prepare themselves for a future of purpose and impact.

How it works

We typically meet our clients for three to five interview sessions. During these two-hour encounters we explore their sources of happiness, values, strengths, and life goals. Renowned journalists and leading thinkers in applied positive psychology have co-created the dialogue techniques we use.

The audio-recorded conversations are transcribed, edited, and refined to create the final biography product in German or English language.

What you get

Yunel biographies are unique. They are not intended to be published. Rather, they serve as personal logbooks to be extended over time.

The outcome of this process is a hand-made leather book consisting of three to five chapters, including a personal mission statement and quotes from selected life companions. The rear part of the book remains a blank canvas to be filled with life chapters to come. Alternatively, we use visual recording techniques to illustrate our client's biography through a personal life map.

Why engage us

For yourself – take time for reflection. Step back and use a structured approach to shape your biography.

Happiness will be the joy you feel striving after your potential.

For others – share an exclusive gift. Our offerings make unique gifts for life partners, treasured colleagues or best friends with "big birthdays" coming up.

About Yunel

Yunel is a Berlin-based start-up with the mission to make happiness work for positive change. The company was founded by former journalist and business consultant Dr. Kerstin Maria Humberg.

Previously, Kerstin worked 9 years with McKinsey & Company, with a focus on social entrepreneurship and sustainability. Kerstin holds a PhD in Human Geography and is a certified professional in applied positive psychology. Her work has been rewarded with several research and journalism prizes.

Yunel’s team and network of partners comprise individuals from McKinsey, Ashoka, the Yunus Centre, and the Berlin Research and Training Centre for Positive Psychology.

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